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Ilia Prokhorenko

My Finnish leaves much to be desired and Google Translator doesn’t give total understanding of the message, but I could understand that you bet on Flight Simulator X and F1 G1000 Student Simulator setup. This is exactly what we use in our University for G1000 familiarization and I would like to share some thoughts on this. (Sorry, if it is already mentioned in the original post, because of my Finnish I could easily miss it.)

Here are two images to look at (sorry, didn’t understand how to put a normal link here, so just copy this and past into your address bar):

This setup is quite unstable and resource consuming. The G1000 sim is very processor demanding and I would recommend to consider running it on a separate PC, as F1 suggests (it communicates with FSX via Ethernet link, even when run on the same machine).

Considering the features, this is the most comprehensive G1000 simulation found and its database can be easily updated (although you have to pay for the Navigraph cycles periodically), but several important functions are not implemented, and, according to the correspondence with F1, will never be. These functions are the creation of user waypoints, the joystick and the moving map pointer and several others. As far as many of the visual reporting points are not included in the Jeppesen database, it will not be possible to totally simulate Malmi flying environment. Also the DA40 variant publicized is actually for Lycoming-powered DA40: its engine monitor is suitable for OH-KAS, but not for TDI Diamond. Some troubles like CTD can arise when working with stored flight plans or editing an approach procedure.

FSX itself is quite outdated and resource consuming. I would recommend paying attention to Prepar3D, which is built by Lockheed Martin as an FSX descendant and is much more stable and much less resource-consuming platform. F1 G1000 is fully compatible with it, and Prepar3D can smoothly run on mid-range PCs with the same level of detail, which, when set in FSX, can pin down even our high performance latest generation Core i7 systems.

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