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Miika Asunta

No, quick resume in English: a spot landing competition between Finnair flying club and Jukola’s pilots (flying club based at EFHV) and MIK takes place 14 SEP 2013 at EFHV aerodrome.

As OH-COX is not available and both SRH and STL are currently booked for longer cross country trips we seem to be unable to participate.

Each participant performs touch and go landings:

0. practice / free configuration, engine power as required – not evaluated

1. spot landing, idle power, free flap configuration

2. spot landing, idle power, flaps up

3. power-on landing over 2m high obstacle (flagline) located 50m before 0-line.

0-line is in the middle of a 50-meter-long landing grid painted on runway approx 200m from runway treshold. There will be neon-orange cones at the sides of the 0-line.

Each landing is evaluated:

1 point / meter after 0-line (too long)

3 points / meter before 0-line (too short)

Landing before/after landing strip +300

Using power in first or second landing +300

Descending below flagline in 3rd landing +300

Touching flagline +150

Pushed landing +150

Nose wheel landing +150

wrong configuration, use of engine power +150

dangerous flying +600

Bounced landing: most far away touchdown +50

Unnormal landing +150

Target is to get least amount of point.

Point counting subject to change – this is just the general idea.

The main goal is to fly aircraft safely and normally without causing any damage whatsoever. The jury and audience will be located close to runway…


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