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Ossi Antikainen

Tämän linkin takana muutokset englanniksi:

The main changes compared to the previous version are as follows:

– New chart format;

– New air navigation obstacles;

– Changed boundary of ATC sectors E (East) and W (West);

– Added new temporary segregated area (EE TSA 10) and low level flying areas for military jet aircraft activities (LFA);

– Changed Kärdla airspace classification and frequency;

– Changed Ämari (EEEI) aerodrome symbol and added aerodrome information;

– Added new heliport Salme (EESE), aerodrome Humala (EEHA) and water aerodrome Roomassaare;

– Changed frequency of aerodromes Ridali (EERI) and Narva (EENA);

– Renewed information of Finnish, Russian and Latvian airspace;

– New paragliding areas.

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