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Cell phone operator for a foreigner

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      Ilia Prokhorenko

      Dear friends and colleagues,

      I apologize for posting this here, but this is the only community I can appeal to.

      Could you, please, suggest a good cell phone operator to use in Helsinki? Previously I used CUBIO, but they ceased there services recently. They offered local calls for as cheap as 25 c/min.

      It would also be good, if I could transfer my existing cell phone number to the new operator, is it possible at all in Finland? Another problem is that many operators require you to be a resident of Finland to have a cell phone account, which is definitely not applicable to me at this time.

      Also different payment options, like via Internet Bank, would be good, because buying prepaid cards is not always convenient, as many offices are closed on weekends, and I am rarely in Finland on weekdays.

      Well, a lot of things to ask… But maybe anyone could give a piece of advice? I will appreciate it.

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      Niko Ikonen

      You had some sort of contract with Cubio (ie. not standard prepaid?) If yes your number can be transferred.

      As phone operators won’t sell or if they do they require major down payments (600 eur for example)

      normal contracts to foreigner I would suggest DNA Arvo. It’s prepaid that can be recharged using Finnish Internet banks and prepaid cards that can be bought from R-kioski (also open during weekends). Number can be transferred to DNA Arvo unlike normal prepaid.

      Niko Ikonen

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      Ilia Prokhorenko


      Thank you for the advice. No, I didn’t have any contract with Cubio, only the basic prepaid you’ve mentioned. I wanted one, because they offered even cheaper prices by contracts, but they told me it was possible only for residents.

      I will give a try to DNA Arvo, thanks. If it can be refilled via R-Kioski, it is very good.

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      Pietu Pohjalainen

      You can get Prepaids for all major operators: DNA, Saunalahti, Sonera, Tele Finland.. you name it! I’ve been searching around these for some business.

      I’m actually looking for prepaid users to test this service, would you like to give it a try?

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      Ilia Prokhorenko


      Thank you for your offer, I have received your message. Unfortunately, at this time I am an absolute dummy in the subject, so maybe not this time.

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      Pietu Pohjalainen

      OK, no problem!

      I’ll get to you when I have something ready to show.

      btw. you can top up your prepaid account, for e.g. DNA the address is

      All operators basically accept all Finnish netbanks as a payment: OP, Nordea, Danske Bank, Ã…landsbanken, Handelsbanken.

      Saunalahti additionally accepts VISA, VISA Electron and Mastercard.

      Hope this helps.

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