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      Paulo Poinha

      Can somebody please do a check ride with me on Wednesday or Friday on COX ? I have already booked the times, just need the instructor. They are in the afternoon around 17:00 and I have flown all the BFLENTO c152 and also SRH and the Lemberg Diamonds, so If I could just get a quick check ride so I could use COX I would be very happy…


      Paulo Poinha

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      Tuomas Kuosmanen

      Hey Paulo,

      You should check out the list of club instructors here:

      and call them directly, that should work best.

      Hopefully you get your check-out done quickly!


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      Paulo Poinha

      Thank you Tuomas,

      I have been checking the list and now I have sent a request to the instructors :-).


      Paulo Poinha

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