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Electronic invoice problem

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      Ilia Prokhorenko


      I couldn’t get an invoice for my flight. When I click the link to view it, here is what I get:


      exception ‘Verkkomaksut_Exception’ with message ‘Verkkomaksut exception: Missing or invalid contact street address’ in /var/www/userhome/mik/sites/ Stack trace: #0 /var/www/userhome/mik/sites/ Verkkomaksut_Module_Rest->processPayment(Object(Verkkomaksut_Module_Rest_Payment_E1)) #1 {main}odottamaton virhe


      I can see, that there might be a problem with the empty street address field in my profile, but I cannot edit it also: when I press “Update” in profile editing, nothing happens.

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      Jouni Pyhäjärvi


      Can you send your address to and we will correct it for you. Then you should be able to proceed with the payment



Viewing 1 reply thread
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