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Tarffic circuits in uncontrolled airspace

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      We had a Nummela spring briefing on Saturday with safety theme. One of the points that was brought by group exercise was observation that powered aircrafts more and more join circuit directly to base or even final.

      It was not discussed whether that applies to MIK or any other club or flight school or aircrafts but I thought I try to provoke each of you who reads this to think how you operate in uncontrolled.

      One thing is the other air traffic. By joining downwind abeam of opposite RWY threshold (or flying around the AD) you give others airborne or on ground a little headsup about your intentions. Please note that there may still today be all sorts of flying things that do not have radios. Like experimental planes or beautiful superfast jet powered scales or paragliders or whatever really. Or planes with pilots who did not care to check their maps are up to date and that they know the frequency.

      The second, and much much more critical for each us as part of the general aviation community, and the number one in Trafi’s priority list, is protecting public not involved in aviation at all. Nummela may be quite extreme example with this as it is in the middle of the town and beautiful landscape but something to beware in anywhere where there are no-one sitting in tower looking out. You have to be aware of dog walkers and playing kids and parents pushing their newborns in strolleys and what not. At Nummela they flock AROUND AND ON runways. Some of them do watch for traffic, some don’t. By flyinging proper circuit you give them a minute to move plus you will be much more able to asses the runway situation than by joining directly to base. Fly the circuit and observe, prepare to go-around until speed has died and please do not aim your approach at the very beginning of the cleared area. Nummela 22 threshold is mostly fine but others are where ppl do cross a lot.

      To keep the AD in aviation use, we have to keep the community living there happy. So we have to be polite and considering. And we have to provide them lots of nice planes to admire so please keep visiting :) Airmotel has rather decent food just next to apron as well.

      Happy landings and welcome to Nummela!

      – Juha

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      Tuomas Kuosmanen

      Tässä on hyvää asiaa kyllä ottaa huomioon. Korpikenttätouhusta voisi taas vaihteeksi pitää jopa pienen teemapäivän.


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