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Virossa ilmatilamuutoksia voimaan 28 MAY 2015

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      Miika Asunta

      28.5. voimaan tuleva VFR-kartta 1:500 000 ladattavissa tästä:

      * * *

      The main changes compared to the previous version are as follows:

      New chart format;

      New air navigation obstacles;

      Added new danger areas: EED24, EED25, EED26, EED27, EED29, EED30;

      Updated information about low-level flying areas;

      Updated information about gliding areas;

      Updated information about Tallinn TMA and CTR;

      Added information about Ämari CTR;

      Updated following information about Tartu aerodrome:

      Tartu TMA;

      Tartu CTR entry and exit points;

      Position of Tartu CTR holding;

      Exercise and training zones in Tartu CTR;

      Updated following information about Pärnu aerodrome:

      Reference point elevation and runway length;

      Navigation aids;

      Updated information about Kuressaare airspace;

      Updated information about Kärdla airspace;

      Updated frequency for Ridali and Kihnu aerodrome;

      Updated information about Finnish, Russian and Latvian airspace;


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