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      Paulo Poinha

      What is happening to OH-SRH ? It is getting hard to fly with only one plane :-(

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      Tell me about it..

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      Miika Asunta

      The engine is not giving required power during runup.

      Several parts have been exchanged – including high pressure pump – and again some new parts have been ordered and expected to arrive and to be installed next few days, but the reason for the malfunction has not been found.

      The technicians are investigating the issue together with engine manufacturer.

      We are very sorry for the incovenience, but the problem has to be properly solved before the aircraft is released for use.

      On behalf of the board of club and our hard-working voluntary fleet team,


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      Erik Schobesberger

      I was flying with Stude when the problem occurred for the first time; it was also the first time when I had to do an aborted takeoff, training runs excepted. The engine gave 95-96% during runup, but during the takeoff run power started decreasing to 88% (and falling). I agree that having the plane out of service for so long is very annoying and inconvenient, but not as inconvenient as losing power during critical phases of flight.

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      Niko Ikonen

      On Friday they tested with parts from OH-STL (which was in 1000 hours maintenance) and all problems with engine were gone. New parts have been ordered and should arrive next week. I hope this will resolve the problem and we will soon have 3 flying aircrafts.

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      Ilia Prokhorenko

      Niko, just curious, what parts it were?

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      Jarkko Mankinen

      I think those were a fuel injectors. I saw when they removed those from STL about 1700 on friday. And about 1930 they flew test flight with STL with its own fuel injectors. After that I flew school flight with STL. But I did not hear anything about SRHs runup test with STLs fuel injectors before now. Nice to hear that good news.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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